Obligation Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 0% ( XS1583060931 ) en USD

Société émettrice Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Prix sur le marché 100 %  ⇌ 
Pays  Emirats Arabes Unis
Code ISIN  XS1583060931 ( en USD )
Coupon 0%
Echéance 05/04/2047 - Obligation échue

Prospectus brochure de l'obligation Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank XS1583060931 en USD 0%, échue

Montant Minimal 1 000 000 USD
Montant de l'émission 230 000 000 USD
Description détaillée L'Obligation émise par Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank ( Emirats Arabes Unis ) , en USD, avec le code ISIN XS1583060931, paye un coupon de 0% par an.
Le paiement des coupons est annuel et la maturité de l'Obligation est le 05/04/2047

17 March 2017
Issue of U.S.$230,000,000 Multi-Callable Zero Coupon Notes due 2047
unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed by
under the U.S.$9,000,000,000
Global Medium Term Note Programme
Terms used herein shall be deemed to be defined as such for the purposes of the Conditions
set forth in the base prospectus dated 22 February 2017 which constitutes a base prospectus
(the "Base Prospectus") for the purposes of the Prospectus Directive (Directive
2003/71/EC), as amended (the "Prospectus Directive"). Full information on the Issuer, the
Guarantor and the offer of the Notes is only available on the basis of the combination of these
applicable Final Terms and the Base Prospectus. The Base Prospectus is available for
viewing in accordance with Article 14 of the Prospectus Directive on the website of the
Central Bank of Ireland (http://www.centralbank.ie) and during normal business hours at Abu
Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC, ADCB Tower, Head Office, Sheikh Zayed Street, P.O. Box
939, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and copies may be obtained from Abu Dhabi
Commercial Bank PJSC, ADCB Tower, Head Office, Sheikh Zayed Street, P.O. Box 939,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
1. (a)
ADCB Finance (Cayman) Limited

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC
2. Series Number:
3. Specified Currency or Currencies:
U.S. dollars ("U.S.$")
4. Aggregate Nominal Amount of Notes U.S.$230,000,000
admitted to trading:
5. Issue Price:
100 per cent. of the Aggregate Nominal
(a) Specified
the case of the Registered
Notes this means the
minimum integral amount in
which transfers can be made):
(b) Calculation
7. (a)
Issue Date:
5 April 2017

- 1 -

Interest Commencement Date:
Issue Date
8. Maturity Date:
5 April 2047
9. Interest Basis:
Zero Coupon
10. Redemption/Payment
The Final Redemption Amount will be
determined as provided below (see paragraph
11. Change of Interest Basis or
Not Applicable
Redemption/Payment Basis:
12. Put/Call Options:
Issuer Call
13. (a)
Status of Notes:

Status of Guarantee:

Date on which approval for 13 February 2017 and 13 March 2017,
issuance of Notes and
Guarantee obtained:
14. Fixed Rate Note Provisions:
Not Applicable
15. Floating Rate Note Provisions:
Not Applicable
16. Reset Note Provisions:
Not Applicable
17. Zero Coupon Note Provisions:

Accrual Yield:
5.030 per cent. per annum

Reference Price:
Not Applicable

Day Count Fraction in relation 30/360
to Early Redemption Amounts
and late payment:


18. Issuer Call:

Optional Redemption Dates:
5 April 2022, 5 April 2027, 5 April 2032, 5
April 2037 and 5 April 2042, subject to
adjustment in accordance with the Following
Business Day Convention

- 2 -

Redemption Date
Redemption Amount
per Calculation
Amount (U.S.$)
5 April 2022
5 April 2027
5 April 2032
5 April 2037
5 April 2042

If redeemable in part:
Not Applicable

Notice period (if other than as The Issuer will give notice of its intention to
set out in the Conditions):
redeem the Notes not less than five (5)
Business Days prior to the relevant Optional
Redemption Date
19. Investor Put:
Not Applicable
20. Change of Control Put:

(a) Change of Control Redemption The Change of Control Redemption Amount
per Calculation Amount for each Calculation
Period shall be as set out in Annex 1
21. Final Redemption Amount:
U.S.$4,359,141.48 per Calculation Amount
22. Regulatory Call:
Not Applicable
23. Early Redemption Amount payable on As per the Conditions
redemption for taxation reasons or on
event of default:
24. Form of Notes:
Bearer Notes:
Temporary Bearer Global Note exchangeable
for a Permanent Bearer Global Note which is
exchangeable for definitive Notes only upon an
Exchange Event
Reg. S Compliance Category 2; TEFRA D

- 3 -

25. Additional Financial Centres or other Taipei, London, New York and Abu Dhabi
special provisions relating to Payment
26. Talons for future Coupons or Receipts No
to be attached to definitive Notes (and
dates on which such Talons mature):
27. Partly Paid Notes:
Not Applicable
28. Redenomination applicable:
Redenomination not applicable
29. RMB Settlement Centre(s):
Not Applicable
30. RMB Currency Event:
Not Applicable
31. Relevant Currency for Condition 7.9 Not Applicable
(RMB Currency Event):
32. Relevant Spot Rate Screen Pages for
Condition 7.9 (RMB Currency Event):

Relevant Spot Rate Screen Not Applicable
Page (Deliverable Basis):

(ii) Relevant Spot Rate Screen Not Applicable
Page (Non-deliverable basis):
33. Party responsible for calculating the Not Applicable
Spot Rate for Condition 7.9 (RMB
Currency Event):

- 4 -


Listing and Admission to trading: Application
expected to be made by the
Issuer (or on its behalf) for the Notes to be
admitted to trading on the Taipei
Exchange ("TPEx") in the Republic of
China for the listing and trading of the
Notes on the TPEx. The Notes will be
traded on the TPEx pursuant to the
applicable rules of the TPEx. The effective
date of listing of the Notes on the TPEx is
on or about 5 April 2017. TPEx is not
responsible for the content of this
document and the Base Prospectus and
any supplement or amendment thereto and
no representation is made by TPEx to the
accuracy or completeness of this document
and the Base Prospectus and any
supplement or amendment thereto. TPEx
expressly disclaims any and all liability for
any losses arising from, or as a result of
the reliance on, all or part of the contents
of this document, the Base Prospectus or
any supplement or amendment thereto.
Admission to listing and trading on the
TPEx shall not be taken as an indication of
the merits of the Issuer or the Notes.

Estimate of total expenses related New Taiwan Dollar ("NTD") 15,000 in
to admission to trading:
relation to the listing and trading of the
Notes on the TPEx.
The Notes to be issued have not been

Save for any fees payable to the Managers, so far as the Issuer is aware, no person
involved in the issue of the Notes has an interest material to the offer. The Managers
and their affiliates have engaged, and may in the future engage, in investment banking
and/or commercial banking transactions with, and may perform other services for, the
Issuer, the Guarantor and its affiliates in the ordinary course of business for which they
may receive fees.
YIELD (Fixed Rate Notes Only)

Indication of yield:
Not Applicable

- 6 -

(a) ISIN

Common Code:

Any clearing system other than Not Applicable
DTC, Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V.
and Clearstream Banking, S.A. and
the relevant identification
(d) Delivery:

Names and addresses of additional Not Applicable
Paying Agents (if any):


The following ROC selling restriction shall be inserted in the Base Prospectus:
"Each Dealer has represented and agreed that the Notes have not been, and shall not be,
offered, sold or re-sold, directly or indirectly to investors other than "professional
institutional investors" as defined under Paragraph 2, of Article 4 of the Financial
Consumer Protection Act of the ROC, which currently includes overseas and domestic:
(i) banks, securities firms, futures firms and insurance companies (excluding insurance
agencies, insurance brokers and insurance surveyors), the foregoing as further described
in greater detail in Paragraph 3 of Article 2 of the Organisation Act of the Financial
Supervisory Commission; (ii) fund management companies, government investment
institutions, government funds, pension funds, mutual funds, unit trusts, and funds
managed by financial service enterprises pursuant to the ROC Securities Investment
Trust and Consulting Act, the ROC Future Trading Act or the ROC Trust Enterprise
Act or investment assets mandated and delivered by or transferred for trust by financial
consumers; and (iii) other institutions recognised by the Financial Supervisory
Commission of the ROC. Purchasers of the Notes are not permitted to sell or otherwise
dispose of the Notes except by transfer to the aforementioned professional institutional

- 7 -

ROC Taxation
The following summary of certain taxation provisions under ROC law is based on
current law and practice and that the Notes will be issued, offered, sold and re-sold,
directly or indirectly, to professional institutional investors as defined under Paragraph
2 of Article 4 of the Financial Consumer Protection Act of the ROC only. It does not
purport to be comprehensive and does not constitute legal or tax advice. Investors
(particularly those subject to special tax rules, such as banks, dealers, insurance
companies and tax-exempt entities) should consult with their own tax advisers
regarding the tax consequences of an investment in the Notes.
Interest on the Notes:
As ADCB Finance (Cayman) Limited,
the issuer of the Notes, is not an ROC
statutory tax withholder, there is no ROC
withholding tax on the interest or deemed
interest to be paid on the Notes.
ROC corporate holders must include the
interest or deemed interest receivable
under the Notes as part of their taxable
income and pay income tax at a flat rate
of 17 per cent. (unless the total taxable
income for a fiscal year is under NTD
120,000), as they are subject to income
tax on their worldwide income on an
accrual basis. The alternative minimum
tax ("AMT") is not applicable.
Sale of the Notes:
In general, the sale of corporate bonds or
financial bonds is subject to a 0.1 per
cent. securities transaction tax ("STT")
on the transaction price. However,
Article 2-1 of the Securities Transaction
Tax Act of the ROC prescribes that STT
will cease to be levied on the sale of
corporate bonds and financial bonds from
1 January 2010 to 31 December 2026.
Therefore, the sale of the Notes will be
exempt from STT if the sale is conducted
on or before 31 December 2026. Starting
from 1 January 2027, any sale of the
Notes will be subject to STT at 0.1 per
cent. of the transaction price, unless
otherwise provided by the tax laws that
may be in force at that time.
Capital gains generated from the sale of
bonds are exempt from ROC income tax.

- 8 -

Accordingly, ROC corporate holders are
not subject to income tax on any capital
gains generated from the sale of the
Notes. However, ROC corporate holders
should include the capital gains from the
sale of the Notes in calculating their basic
income for the purpose of calculating
their AMT. If the amount of the AMT
exceeds the ordinary income tax
calculated pursuant to the Income Basic
Tax Act (also known as the AMT Act),
the excess becomes the ROC corporate
holders' AMT payable. Capital losses, if
any, incurred by such holders could be
carried over five years to offset against
capital gains of same category of income
for the purposes of calculating their

ROC Settlement and Trading
Investors with a securities book-entry account with an ROC securities broker and a
foreign currency deposit account with an ROC bank, may request the approval of the
Taiwan Depositary & Clearing Corporation (the "TDCC") for the settlement of the
Notes through the account of TDCC with Euroclear or Clearstream and if such approval
is granted by TDCC, the Notes may be so cleared and settled. In such circumstances,
TDCC will allocate the respective book-entry interest of such investor in the Notes
position to the securities book-entry account designated by such investor in the ROC.
The Notes will be traded and settled pursuant to the applicable rules and operating
procedures of TDCC and the TPEx as domestic bonds.
In addition, an investor may apply to TDCC (by filling in a prescribed form) to transfer
the Notes in its own account with Euroclear or Clearstream to the TDCC account with
Euroclear or Clearstream for trading in the domestic market or vice versa for trading in
overseas markets.
For such investors who hold their interest in the Notes through an account opened and
held by TDCC with Euroclear or Clearstream, distributions of principal and/or interest
for the Notes to such holders may be made by payment services banks whose systems
are connected to TDCC to the foreign currency deposit accounts of the holders. Such
payment is expected to be made on the second Taiwanese business day following
TDCC's receipt of such payment (due to time difference, the payment is expected to be
received by TDCC one Taiwanese business day after the distribution date). However,
when the holders will actually receive such distributions may vary depending upon the
daily operations of the ROC banks with which the holder has the foreign currency
deposit account.
Risks associated with limited liquidity of the Notes

- 9 -

Application will be made for the listing of the Notes on the TPEx. No assurances can be
given as to whether the Notes will be, or will remain, listed on the TPEx. If the Notes
fail to, or cease to, be listed on the TPEx, certain investors may not invest in, or
continue to hold or invest in, the Notes.

- 10 -