Bond ADS Securities Funding Ltd 6.5% ( XS1856095887 ) in USD

Issuer ADS Securities Funding Ltd
Market price 100 %  ⇌ 
Country  United Arab Emirates
ISIN code  XS1856095887 ( in USD )
Interest rate 6.5% per year ( payment 2 times a year)
Maturity 29/07/2023 - Bond has expired

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Minimal amount 200 000 USD
Total amount 115 000 000 USD
Detailed description The Bond issued by ADS Securities Funding Ltd ( United Arab Emirates ) , in USD, with the ISIN code XS1856095887, pays a coupon of 6.5% per year.
The coupons are paid 2 times per year and the Bond maturity is 29/07/2023