Bond ADCB Finance [Cayman] Ltd 1.875% ( CH0214333731 ) in CHF

Issuer ADCB Finance [Cayman] Ltd
Market price 100 %  ⇌ 
Country  United Arab Emirates
ISIN code  CH0214333731 ( in CHF )
Interest rate 1.875% per year ( payment 1 time a year)
Maturity 12/06/2023 - Bond has expired

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Minimal amount 5 000 CHF
Total amount 150 000 000 CHF
Detailed description The Bond issued by ADCB Finance [Cayman] Ltd ( United Arab Emirates ) , in CHF, with the ISIN code CH0214333731, pays a coupon of 1.875% per year.
The coupons are paid 1 time per year and the Bond maturity is 12/06/2023